What appeals to you about this position?

What motivates you and why?

Detail for me, what style of management gets the best from you and provide examples of situations where this has worked?

What would you describe your strengths as?

What challenges do you think lie ahead for you in this company? And in the industry generally.

What were your three most significant achievements in your previous/current job? Why do you think these are significant verses other achievements?

The most successful answers will quantify the achievement in some way: winning new business worth $200K pa, solving customer service problems with a major client whose retention was critical to the company's survival, reducing costs by 10 per cent. Not all achievement can be quantified. In these cases, relate the achievement to a business issue or problem.

Describe some of your greatest achievements

Describe a major goal you have recently set for yourself.

What is one thing that your present and past employers could do to improve their business?

Why should we give you the job ahead of the five other people we're interviewing today?

What do you think are among the most pressing issues facing our industry?

Do you have any questions?

Good questions include "What are the biggest challenges facing this department (or position)?" "Are there significant shifts or changes in direction that this organisation is trying to bring about?" and "What effect will this have on this position?" or "What do YOU like about working here?".

What would your commitment to us, the business and the management team be, if you where the successful candidate?